Campsie Glen Smoke House Ltd
Our Island Cure
Our Island Cure
brings you a taste of the pure Hebridean seas, which yield the salt and dried seaweed we apply in the cure.

  Our Highland Cure is a quality, entry level product suitable for those tasting cured, dried and smoked seafood for the first time, although it also satisfies the most mature of palates. Our Highland Cure

Our Lowland Cure
Our Lowland Cure
gives a well-rounded sweet cure taste, and is of particular appeal to the younger palate.
Salmon, Trout and Halibut

Charcuterie:- the art of curing, drying and smoking a food product, traditionally pork, but in our case, seafood.

Curing:- we have developed 3 distinct cures for our Original Range; Island Cure, Highland Cure and Lowland Cure. We pay strict attention to this essential process, and cure the fish for up to 7 days. We believe you will recognise this time investment in your eating experience.

Drying:- this is the next most important step in our process. By carefully controlling the air temperature, humidity and flow, we remove up to 25% of the moisture content in our Original Range. Combined with our unique curing methods, this produces seafood of the highest quality in terms of tenderness, texture and taste.

Smoking:- this process adds a traditional wood smoke finish and colour to the end product that generations have come to enjoy. Although we believe the quality of our product is achieved mainly through the curing and drying steps, smoke adds a moreish depth of flavour that lingers on the palate, and adds to the enjoyment.

Our Original Range offers responsibly sourced
Salmon, Trout and Halibut in each of the 3
cures, and we plan to introduce another 2 ranges
in the coming months, to keep your shelves or
menus fresh and your customers happy!

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